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shop_0 The Chocolate Tree
123 Bruntsfield Place
EH10 4EQ

Opening Times:
7 days 10am – 7.30pm
Occasional early closing on Fridays
(for tastings)

(44) 0131 228 3144

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The Chocolate Tree houses a world of organic & bean to bar chocolate, providing a friendly & welcoming atmosphere where people can engage with and learn about real artisan chocolate.

Chocolate bar display

Chocolate display

We have a large loose chocolate cabinet with our chocolates ready to be packed into a variety of handmade beautiful origami packaging or simple cellophane. Browse our artisan chocolates page! Our products adorn the shelves; Caramelised cocoa beans, organic bars, bean to bar, hot chocolate mixes and chocolate spreads to name but a few from our extensive range. Everything is made in small batches so you’ll never know what the latest innovation will be, it’s always worth coming in to find out!

We have a wide range of drinks available including over 16 varieties of artisan hot chocolates, locally roasted Steampunk coffee, loose teas from Pekoe Tea and our own in-house milkshakes. All the milk we use for our business is locally produced & organic certified. There is limited seating at the window and in the special little back room.

We make our own gelato, using all natural ingredients and organic milk; no artificial colours, flavourings or stabilisers. Gelato is not just the Italian name for ice cream, it is a particular method of production that makes a much smoother, healthier product.


We make macarons in the French style using only natural colours, with an ever changing array of delicious seasonal flavours.

We also stock a limited variety of Tree to Bar chocolate from other chocolate makers. This is the next tier up from bean to bar, in which the chocolate is made in the country of cacao origin. Pioneered by the late Mott Green of The Grenada Chocolate Company, this evolution has fundamentally changed the chocolate industry for the better and will allow more (usually poor) cacao growing countries to become the full beneficiaries of their product.

  • What you’ve been saying

    Chocolate cakes are baked on the premises and vary from a cheesecake to a pistachio-encrusted work of art that seems a shame to slice. Despite the obvious care and attention in a delicate rose and champagne truffle, for example, prices are very reasonable. You can even take away a pair of chocolate high heels for just over a tenner. — The List